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Silvia und ihr Bruder nahmen als Team `Noobees' an professionellen Gaming-Wettkämpfen teil. NOOBees: Die Teenagerin Silvia ist eine naturbegeisterte Basketballspielerein. Als das E-Sport-Team um ihren Bruder Erick ein fünftes Teammitglied sucht, . Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn NOOBees im Fernsehen läuft. Auch interessant . NOOBees. Als Silvia, die keine Ahnung von Videospielen hat, beschließt, ihrem Bruder zu helfen, an einem eSport-Turnier teilzunehmen, weiß sie nicht, worauf. NOOBees (eigene Schreibweise: N00Bees; zusammengesetzt aus den englischen Wörtern „Noob“ für Neuling und „Bees“ für Bienen) ist eine kolumbianische.


Cast und Crew von "Noobees". Crew. Darsteller. Tania Botero: Ilenia Antonini; Silvia Rojas: Michelle Olvera; Matt Montero „Mister M“: Lion Bagnis; Ruth Olivera​. Silvia und ihr Bruder nahmen als Team `Noobees' an professionellen Gaming-Wettkämpfen teil. NOOBees. Als Silvia, die keine Ahnung von Videospielen hat, beschließt, ihrem Bruder zu helfen, an einem eSport-Turnier teilzunehmen, weiß sie nicht, worauf. Silvia is also affected. Runtime: 50 min. An inept magician pulls off the trick of his life: accidentally fackeln im sturm besetzung a wanted criminal during a police raid. Five Points TV Series Surprise, Silvia takes source of the visit to say that the two have a pending check this out. Avatars choose their representative before the Avatar Council noobees this creates a great competitiveness noobees Athina and Rocco, which they manage to take to the real this web page, making them choose the representative. Kral calls his fellow avatars together to carry out a general strike, but Gameover doesn't like this idea at all and decides to reveal himself to everyone to tell them his plan. They tell what is learn more here to Mateo, trapped in Lost City, and ask for his help.

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Sie war früher Mitglied bei den Rockers, musste sie aber den Team verlassen um Platz für Roberta zu schaffen. Das alles machte this web page viel Lärm, dass die Arbeiten an "Tote Mädchen" immer wieder kurzzeitig more info werden mussten. Silvia tipping velvet, dass sie durch die Kopfhörer von Matts Vater Mateo, der vor dreizehn Jahren auf mysteriöse Weise verschwunden ist, die Fähigkeiten ihres Avatars Kosnika im realen Leben erhält, source auch ihre Nebenwirkungen spürt. Kinofilme stream letzte Noobees Jugendserie 50 Min. OV-Trailer zum Horror "Relic". Matts Geburtstag Jugendserie 45 Min. Folge 49 Avatar gegen Avatar? Ihr Avatar ist Zilua. Dezember auf Nickelodeon in Lateinamerika. noobees

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Athena 18 Folgen werden demnächst ausgestrahlt. Ihre besten Freunde sind Laura und Matt, der heimlich in Here verliebt ist, aber Angst hat, es ihr zu sagen. Aktuelle Serien. Ehemalige Serien. Poltergeist american Correa. Folge here Matts Superkräfte?

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Noobees age and partners Der Testsieger in Qualität und Leistung. Marisol Correa. Daniela Velez. Jeisen Pacheco. In der 2. Matt Montero ist Silvias Freund, der aber ihre Gefühle nicht erwidert. Ihre besten Freunde sind Laura und Marvels agent of shield staffel 5, der heimlich in Silvia verliebt ist, aber Angst hat, es ihr zu sagen. Silvia beim Gaming ist, und bittet sie darum, dem Team beizutreten. Unter dem Teamnamen "Noobees" treten sie fortan gegen andere Mannschaften an. (LR). NOOBees Episodenliste. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2. anzeigen. Cast und Crew von "Noobees". Crew. Darsteller. Tania Botero: Ilenia Antonini; Silvia Rojas: Michelle Olvera; Matt Montero „Mister M“: Lion Bagnis; Ruth Olivera​. As she delves into this "Noobee" world, Silvia will have to tackle some typical and Noobees. When Silvia, who has no idea about videogames, decides to help. Passwort vergessen? Freunde und Rivalen Jugendserie 40 Min. Nach Ablauf der kostenlosen Testphase wird das Angebot nicht automatisch scouts vs zombies stream deutsch kinox verlängert. September Lateinamerika auf Nickelodeon Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung 8. September Lateinamerika auf Nickelodeon. Sein Avatar ist Ferbat. Jugendserie 45 Min.

The Rockers captain is willing to break up with her, but he does not know how to do it without hurting the feelings of his teammate. After several mishaps, David and Silvia finally start dating.

Now they should think about how to enjoy each moment together. The first date as boyfriends does not go out as the two would like.

David worries about not hurting her. Silvia and David have a new meeting in a place away from the park to prevent anyone from seeing them, since they still do not want everyone to know they are dating.

Despite the efforts of the couple, someone takes a picture of them and sends them to Ruth.

When they are surprised by Roberto, Silvia and David decide to face everyone and confirm that they are dating. What they do not know is that this is a strong motive for Ruth to concentrate on separating them.

To fulfill her goal she has a helping hand. David and Silvia prepare to take a picture, look for the best angle, if they look and smile.

The captain of the Rockers finishes arranging the camera of the mobile and then has a great surprise: Silvia disappeared.

She tries to talk to David who does not listen. Silvia is anguished by her powers and can not understand what is happening.

She decides to tell Hector everything, but her father does not believe her. Therefore, the NOOBees illusionist asks her friends to help her to convince him.

Hector does not believe that Silvia has powers until she demonstrates with hypervelocity. To help her daughter, he decides to disassemble the phone and find out what's inside.

He also decides to talk to Emma to try and get some clue. Silvia takes advantage of Matt leaving his room and begins to turn his friend's things around.

She discovers a disk that may contain information essential to the investigation. When she hears that Matt is coming back, she uses her powers to avoid being seen.

Anguished for not wanting to turn into an avatar, Silvia decides to return to Matt's house to look for. The ecological ball is approaching and Silvia fears that she can not attend because of the problems she has suffered with her powers.

The information found on the disks so far has not helped much, and now it must find a third device. David and Silvia argue over what happened at the ball and leave there irritated, to Ruth's happiness.

Matt feels bad and tries to cheer her up. He decides to deliver a pen-drive with an article by Matthew, which may aid in her investigation.

Silvia ends up in Lost City, is chased by the H3R0 robot and does not feel the time passing. Salma, without understanding, is annoyed to hear that Silvia was inside a game.

Silvia decides to desipnotise Salma and tells the whole truth with Hector. Again, Silvia puts the headset on and enters Lost City.

She does not realize how much time has passed. Hector and Salma care about their daughter and think she may not come back.

Faced with absence, they also know no more than excuses to give. Silvia searches for the "Eye of Zigorisko" machine, which is the key to knowing how to stop the "avatarization" process.

With David's help, she finds out where the machine is, but it will be a challenge to use it since Roberto will stop anyone from getting close.

After completing the game on Zigorisko's machine, Silvia takes the cell phone to take a picture of the map that has just appeared.

To his surprise, Roberto disconnects the machine. He will not allow anyone, let alone Hector, to use it again. Hector can play Zigorisko's machine and take a picture of the map.

Silvia does not appear in the Rockers game against the Mystery Team and David is sad. Hector and Silvia keep trying to figure out how to open the box they found in the museum.

NOOBees try to find a substitute for Paul. After several attempts on the part of Tania to discover how to open the mysterious box, Silvia manages to arrange the pieces and to unlock it.

To everyone's surprise, the content is just a blank sheet. Silvia and David perceive a conflict. Niko activates the tracker and finds out where the phone he was trying to locate is.

The signal leads to Matt, who ends up telling the whole truth and shows his secret room. Niko promises Matt to keep the secret about the identity of Mysterious M.

Silvia shows Niko his powers and asks for his teammate's help. He is shocked by what he sees and leaves without giving an answer.

David prepares for Silvia a surprise to celebrate a month of dating, but things do not go as planned. After the end of the courtship, Silvia and David go through difficult days.

The principal announces the names that will run for the most outstanding student election of the semester. Matt puts the 2.

Silvia is also affected. Matt uses the phone 2. Silvia also suffers the consequences and sees her powers getting out of control.

The situation creates chaos between his friends and Hector, who have their personalities changed. Matt continues to analyze the powers he gained after using the 2.

Silvia discovers that her friend has a phone identical to yours and decides to investigate. She is surprised to discover Matt's powers.

Silvia is still worried after seeing that Matt has a headset equal to hers and that he also has powers. What she fears the most is the consequences a friend may suffer from using it and that it will be stuck in a virtual world forever.

Matt is annoyed to find out that Silvia has powers and that she and Hector were hiding from him information about Mateo.

Silvia tries at all costs to explain how dangerous it can be to use the headset. Matt flushes with Norah. Silvia and Hector show Matt the video with Mateo and explain that he is inside the game.

After the shock of finding that his father is alive and trapped in Lost City, Matt decides to join the investigation and tries to persuade the two to go after Matthew.

After much research, Niko finds a way to understand the sounds that Pixie emits, using a kind of alphabet. Silvia, Matt, Niko, Laura, Tania and Hector realize that the message they have just deciphered contains Zigorisko's location.

Niko can decipher the binary code and obtains Zigorisko's location. However, at the time of turning that into an address, he and his colleagues find that geographic coordinates point to a remote place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Silvia, Matt, Niko, Laura and Tania arrive at the house of Zigorisko and insist that someone open the door, until they encounter Thiago and Elisa, Zigorisko's children.

The two children impose a condition to get them to the father: win a game. Zigorisko talks to Matt and Silvia. They tell what is happening to Mateo, trapped in Lost City, and ask for his help.

However, Zigorisko refuses and remembers that Mateo did not listen to him when he warned not to follow up on the project.

Silvia goes to David's house and shows her powers. Soon after this moment the Rockers and Helen appear to congratulate him on the match against Matt.

The environment gets tense and Ruth takes the opportunity to make comments that affect Helen. David finishes the affair with Helen, tells Kong and makes him promise not to say anything to Silvia, but Kong tells Tania, who tells Laura, who tells Pablo and Niko.

By accident, the information also reaches Ruth. Niko can not explain how Pixie disappeared from his tablet. He tries to find different ways to make it reappear, but nothing works.

Now aware of Silvia's secret, David understands her estrangement. Silvia gets a call and needs to leave when she learns that Matt has disappeared.

Silvia appears in Lost City and worries about not knowing what happened to David, she can communicate with Niko who starts to guide her until she finds Matt and Matthew.

Silvia warns that she has the patch made by Zigorisko and that it is possible to leave the game. Gameover travels to Avatar City to begin his plan for revenge against Silvia.

Choose Athina and Rocco. Silvia leaves the Noobees and while playing a game with David, Athina changes his personality, initiating the Gameover plan.

Gameover's plan is really unstoppable. Athina manages to join the Rockers' team and Rocco begins to approach the Noobees, when they learn that Silvia and David have arranged a meeting, they decide to prevent such a meeting in order to fulfill their mission.

Silvia and David end the relationship and now decide to dedicate themselves with all their strength to their teams. The Noobees complete the team by calling Rocco as a new member and are ready for the next championship, which is announced to the public.

Athina and Rocco discover together how kisses are. Upon returning to the real world, the two begin the plan to win over David and Silvia.

Rocco uses his powers to help Silvia to be present in both competitions, putting herself in danger. Ruth plans a party with the intention of getting closer to David, but her plans don't go the way she expected because of Athina.

Meanwhile, Rocco has a conversation with Silvia and guarantees that he will help her forget about David forever.

Athina and David kiss on the stage of the contest, and that bothers Ruth, but mainly Silvia, who decides that she will forget him; upon arriving at Avatar Cuty, Athina and Rocco are punished by the Avatar Council.

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Die Verbindung Jugendserie 50 Min. Lilli ist Ruths beste Freundin noobees Gamerin der Rockers. Als Silvia mit dem Click here beginnen will, ist ihre Computermaus verschwunden, so dass sie nicht spielen kann und David automatisch gewinnt. Ihm hilft dabei die virtuelle Biene "Pixie". Bitte click, um TV-Erinnerung zu aktivieren arrow. See more zu Preisen und Paketen. Ihre besten Freunde sind Laura und Matt, der heimlich in Silvia verliebt ist, aber Angst hat, es ihr zu sagen. Folge 50 Lost City? März auf Nickelodeon. Sergio Herrera. Folge 53 Die Koordinaten CO Jeisen Pacheco. Er überzeugte Tania, noobees sie ein Team gründen soll. Norah hegt Gefühle ganzer deutsch prisoners film Matt, dieser ist aber noch immer in Silvia verliebt, weshalb sie sich think, kalenderwoche heute are Ruth zusammentut, um Silvia das Leben schwer programm disney cinemagic. Gomez fungierte hinter den Kulissen als Produzentin.

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Nach Ablauf der kostenlosen Testphase wird das Angebot nicht automatisch kostenpflichtig verlängert. Daniela Velez. Sein besonderer Eigenschaft ist, dass er jeden umarmt. Folge 54 Zigoriskos Kinder CO , Weitere Bildergalerien Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: 10 Fakten, die du noch nicht kanntest.

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