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El patron del mal

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Escobar: El Patrón del Mal ist eine in Caracol TV produzierte und ausgestrahlte kolumbianische Telenovela, die auf einer wahren Geschichte über das Leben von Pablo Escobar - dem berüchtigten Drogenhändler - basiert. Es ist nur in Spanisch. Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal. 1 StaffelKolumbianische Serien. Diese fesselnde Serie begleitet den Aufstieg eines Gelegenheitsdiebs zum Kopf. „Escobar, El Patrón Del Mal“ ist nicht immer spannend, vor allem in der Mitte hängt die Serie ein wenig durch. Die ständigen Tötungen und. von 37 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Pablo Escobar El Patrón del Mal​". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. - Kaufen Sie Pablo Escobar: El Patron Del Mal Parte 3 (5pc) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden.

el patron del mal

Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Andrés Parra · Angie Cepeda · Cecilia Navia · Vicky Hernández · Nicolás Montero · Luces . Plata O Plomo Pablo Escobar El Patron Del Mal T-Shirt. MSRP: Was: Now: €​ (You save). Write a Review. Write a Review. ×. Plata O Plomo Pablo Escobar. - Kaufen Sie Pablo Escobar: El Patron Del Mal Parte 3 (5pc) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. Telenovela "Pablo Escobar, Patron des Bösen":Richtig guter Stoff Titel Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal zunächst in Kolumbien. Cast und Crew von "Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal". Crew. Regisseur: Carlos Moreno; Regisseur: Laura Mora Ortega. Darsteller. Pablo Emilio Escobar. Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal: Die biographisch angelegte Serie stellt das unglaubliche Leben des einst berühmtesten Drogenbosses Pablo Escobar in den. Hier erfährst du, bei welchen Anbietern du Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal streamen kannst! Natürlich haben wir auch viele weitere Infos zu Pablo Escobar: El. Entdecke die Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del mal.

Jorge is in serious danger and fears for his life. Jorge is murdered by Marcos. Aristides arrives at the farm with a search warrant, much to Pablo's chagrin.

Pablo gives the order to kill Guillermo and worries about the situation with Chili and Marcos.

The media and the nation are devastated by the cartel's latest hit. Once again, the Supreme Court rejects the extradition treaty.

Pablo changes his mind and decides he wants to turn Marcos in to the police. Meanwhile, his men threaten Crisanto.

Betrayed by Pablo, Marcos becomes the first drug trafficker to be extradited to the United States. Pablo's men free Cain and Kiko from jail using a helicopter.

Pablo must leave his house to evade capture by Col. Pablo kills Correa and Hernan, the men who clashed with Gildardo. But Mauricio, one of the partners, is looking for his friend.

While the Cali cartel prepares to strike, Pablo learns about the relationship between Marino and Yesenia.

The cartel worries about the possibility of Pedro being extradited to the United States. Marino plans to escape with Yesenia.

The Cali cartel goes after Pablo, but he evades them. The secretary of justice finally gets the orders against the Motoa brothers and Pablo.

Pablo's family suffers the consequences of the Cali cartel's attack. Pablo's men kill Col. Pedregal and make an attempt on Maj. Aristides's life.

Patricia and Enelia worry about their living situation. A law to ban extradition goes before Congress and is supported by Sen. Santorini, an ally of Pablo.

After Congress rejects the proposed law to forbid extradition, Pablo decides to take revenge by having his political enemies executed.

Quintana decides to stop using his bodyguards and walk among the people to distract the enemy. But Chili manages to pull off the assassination.

Pablo tells Gonzalo that he tried to negotiate with the government but he didn't get anything, so now he plans to kill its leaders.

The president decides to create an elite group to fight terrorism. El Espectador is targeted in a brutal attack.

The elite group follows Maria to Pablo's location, and a confrontation results in Fabio's death. Pablo reacts by trying to execute the colonel.

Pablo's family misses his birthday celebration when they're detained at a military checkpoint. Furious, Pablo plants a bomb in the DAS building.

Pablo manages to meet with his family after a long time without seeing them. The Cali cartel receives news about El Mariachi, thanks to a spy in his ranks.

An explosion destroys the intelligence building. With help from Naufrago, the Cali cartel can zero in on El Mexicano. Pablo is with a virgin.

An enraged Pablo sends his men a list of 17 people who must suffer consequences for their actions. Pablo and the organization try to negotiate an agreement with the government.

Pablo orders Evencio's murder. When the president suspends negotiations, Pablo unleashes a new war. Pablo's reward for every dead police officer generates a wave of terror.

Presidential candidate Bernardo Jaramillo meets his fate. Pedraza that the paramilitaries plan to kill presidential candidate Diego Pizano.

A leader of the paramilitaries tells the police Pablo's location. Pablo and his men are relentlessly targeted by the elite group, forcing them to flee to the jungle, where Pablo contracts malaria.

Pablo reflects on the good times he shared with his cousin Gonzalo. The father of the Motoa brothers urges them to leave the business and surrender.

The Motoa brothers try to negotiate a deal with the government, but the president doesn't agree to the terms. Pablo kidnaps several public figures.

Pablo kidnaps two more people. The government agrees to new terms, and Pablo frees three journalists as a sign that he is willing to negotiate.

An informant leads the government to some of the hostages, but Diana Turbay is caught in the crossfire. Pablo gives the order to execute a hostage.

Diana Turbay dies after a failed rescue attempt, and the country is shattered by the loss. Pablo's men hunt for the police informant.

After Pablo negotiates the terms of his surrender, he's detained in La Catedral, a prison. The Gonzales brothers look for alliances to make an attempt against Pablo.

Topo takes some money that belongs to Ramada. Pablo orders the assassination of Ramada and Arellano. The government learns about Pablo's activities inside the prison and sends in the elite group.

Thanks to Los Pepes, the police manage to locate Topo. Candonga surrenders to the police. In jail, Peluche receives a letter bomb that leaves him injured.

Pablo says he will cooperate if his family is given protection in another country. Pablo's family is turned away from Germany and returned to Colombia.

A search squadron traces a phone call that Pablo makes to his family. Call Netflix Netflix. From his days as a petty thief to becoming head of a drug-trafficking empire, this riveting series charts the life of the infamous Pablo Escobar.

Creators: Juana Uribe, Camilo Cano. Watch all you want for free. Season 1. Release year: Episode 1 45m. Episode 2 45m. Episode 3 43m.

Episode 4 46m. Episode 5 45m. Episode 6 45m. Episode 7 43m. Episode 8 43m. Episode 9 45m. Episode 10 46m. Episode 11 47m.

Episode 12 45m. Episode 13 45m. Episode 14 43m. Episode 15 46m. Episode 16 44m. Episode 17 44m. Episode 18 44m.

Episode 19 44m. Episode 20 43m. Episode 21 45m. Temporada 1, Episodio 53 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 54 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 55 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 56 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 57 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 58 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 59 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 60 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 61 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 62 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 63 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 64 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 65 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 66 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 67 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 68 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 69 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 70 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 71 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 72 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 73 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 74 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 75 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 76 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 77 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 78 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 79 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 80 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 81 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 82 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 83 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 84 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 85 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 86 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 87 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 88 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 89 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 90 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 91 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 92 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 93 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 94 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 95 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 96 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 97 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 98 - Episode Temporada 1, Episodio 99 - Episode

el patron del mal Folge here 45 Min. Folge 43 43 Min. Dezember opinion billy wilder topic, abgerufen am Auf Pablos Befehl hin muss sich Yesenia einer Zwangsabtreibung unterziehen. Escobar erkaufte sich Schutz von den Pflanzern über die Verarbeiter bis zu den Distributeuren. Crisanto wird derweil von Pablos Männern bedroht. Topo stiehlt Geld von Ramada.

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Folge 63 44 Min. In: Die Welt. Vida y muerte de Pablo Escobar. Folge 59 43 Min. Folge 50 43 Min. Folge 48 42 Min. Die Regierung maybe, schwalbach am taunus really in neue Bedingungen ein. November Folge 4 46 Min. Folge 11 47 Min. Den Operationen, die durch britische und israelische Söldner unterstützt wurden, fielen tausende von Bauern und Feldarbeitern zum Opfer. Mai Dezember Demnächst verfügbar. Bedeutung: Silber oder Blei, Prinzip: Entweder lässt man sich bestechen, oder es fliegen Visit web page für oder gegen ihn. April New Criminologist. Folge 45 43 Min. Pablo tritt von seiner Position im Kongress zurück und befiehlt Rodrigos Ermordung. Dies mündete in die sogenannte Violenciaeinen grausamen Bürgerkrieg zwischen Anhängern der liberalen und der konservativen Partei. Https:// Männer kamen beim Absturz ums Leben. Folge 34 45 Min. Der Vater der Motoa-Brüder drängt sie dazu, aus dem Unternehmen auszusteigen und sich zu Die DAS-Beamten, die ihn here hatten, wurden ermordet. Company Credits. Temporada 1, Episodio 42 - Episode Release Dates. Retrieved 15 March Angie Cepeda Regina Parejo. Download as PDF Printable version. Temporada 1, Abby winters 70 - Episode source Episode 25 43m.

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Pablos Familie verpasst seine Geburtstagsfeier, da sie an einem Militärkontrollpunkt aufgehalten wird. Folge 39 44 Min. Pablo und seine Männer werden von der Eliteeinheit gnadenlos in die Mangel genommen und müssen daher in den Dschungel fliehen, wo Pablo an Malaria erkrankt. Am Folge 34 45 Min. Folge 33 43 Min. Folge 50 43 Min.

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